HOW TO EDIT! ||VideoStar||

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Hey guys today I'm doing a tutorial on how to edit. Tell me if I'm going to fast for you, if I am contact me with using Snapchat or insta(: Insta: ...

Cd9 : No le hablen de amor "Video Star"

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Mi primer Video Star y espero que les guste muchisimo y porfavor denle like y suscribanse para que aga más videos los amo.

How to do free transitions on video star !❤️

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,💥🔥 Vigovideo and tiktok video Prince Kumar Vigo video star 🌟

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vigovideostar Like Share Comment दोस्तो ज्यादा से ज्यादा इस वीडियो को लाइक, कॉमे...

Alice Edit ||Video Star

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I used PocketVideo for my intro. I hope you guys enjoy. Sorry I haven't posted in a while but here you go. Music: Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm bored by ...

How to do mirror split transition (vs/videostar)

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Thx for watching! Please subscribe to my channel, it would mean so much to me. Song: car radio 21 pilots x lights vexento.

Watch me make an edit on video star

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Hey so sorry I made so many mistakes in this but yeah. I'm not good at edits.

Test video Star ~ft Ricekrispy Chris ~Zach Kun

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This is just a lil test plz tell me your opinion on this 10/10 9/10 8/10 7/10 And so on.

TikTok @izabella823 used video star

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video star test (read desc plz)

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So this is my first time using video star and I decided to mess around with transitions. It's really crappy and I know I'm not as good as some amazing editor but it's ...

How to make edits on Video Star(easy tutorial)

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How to make edits (free with no video star) WATCH

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Follow me in tiktok @ Black._barbie.mimi @dreãmyy._søüñdss @dreãmyy._editts Follow me on insta @darkskin._barbie_ Add me on Snapchat ...


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hey guys! so i know it's been a while but here's a quick video. i hope this was somewhat useful however i too am still working on my masking skills! i saw some ...

Freevideo editing software video star mix clip tutorial

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Simple tutorial on Video Star.


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