Opening the £20,000 BASE SET Pokémon Box with Miniminter! *INSANE PULLS*

Просмотров: 88 767 • 19.10.2020
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IT IS TIME! Today, @Miniminter and I open up the Base Set Pokémon Booster Box... Let's go!
My Card Store: http://pokerand.net

In this video Simon and I battle it out with packs from a £20,000 Base Set Pokémon Booster box. 18 packs each... You keep what you pull! First half on my channel, second half on Simon's. Let's go!

Check out @Miniminter's channel for the next part! http://youtube.com/miniminter
Check out The Majestic Entei http://instagram.com/the_majestic_entei

How I grade my PSA Pokemon cards: http://gradedgem.com
Discord: http://discord.gg/randolph

Video uploaded by Randolph/Randolph Games
#randolph #pokemon #sidemen

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