कुदरत और साँप गलतियां माफ नही करते..Muraliwale Housla snake bite.. Get well soon

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Welcome to the wonderful world of snakes
Welcome to the Gurukul Edutech Channel
In this video you can watch the rescue of an Indian spectacled cobra by sarpmitra Anand Chitti
It is a venomous snake and having nerotoxin venom which affects on the nervous system and causes paralysis hence cardiac failure so be aware and be safe. it can kill the healthy person if not treated in time so without proper training please dont handle the snakes, you never know when it is going to attack so be alert
recently as you might know sarpmitra Muraliwale Housla a well skilled snake rescuer got bitten by the Indian spectacled cobra hopefully he is out of danger and we wish he will get well soon.

sarpmitra Anand and Nirzara Chitti are the snake rescuers from Belgaum Karnataka, this couple has rescued mote than 18000 snakes till date
hope you like the video

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