National Cornhusking Championship

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Joe goes to the National Cornhusking Champion with followed the day after the Iowa Cornhusking Championship in Amana, Iowa.

We listen to Dave Vandenboom explain the history of this hand husking championship and its connection of the historical method of harvesting corn.
The contest moves to a different state each year. Normally, the state contest is held the day before the national contest in that state.

Next we hear from Jim Stuart who has been raising and breeding draft horses for most of his life. Draft horse teams pull the corn wagons into which the huskers toss their ears. He uses his horses for plowing, farming, haying and parading.
Jim also talks about the benefits of horse associations. He is a member of the SE Iowa Draft Horse Association and the Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association. They host events, clinic, mentor new draft animal owners and farmers and much more.

Chuck Anholt explains the contest rules.
The contest is judged by the total weight of corn harvested in a number of age groups. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the state contest can compete in the national contest.
A "gleaner" follows the picker to retrieve any unpicked corn that is greater than 5" with kernels all around the ear. These ears are weighed, multiplied by 3x and subtracted from the total weight.
A 20 pound sample of the picked corn is cleaned of any husks. The husks are weighed and the percentage is subtracted from the total weight.

Lots of footage of the pickers, families and beautiful draft horse teams!

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