XERO = 🚀🚀🚀10 ASX STOCKS IN 10 MINUTES! BEST ASX Growth Stocks To Buy October 2020 (KGN, PPH, XRO)

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10 ASX STOCKS IN 10 MINUTES!! I go over 10 High Growth ASX stocks in 10 minutes!! Smash that like button for 200+ likes!!

In this video I chat about 10 High growth ASX stocks for October 2020. These stocks have been heavily talked about over the past week so here is a quick little snapshot for each ASX stock in October! BNPL stocks saw a resurgence (SZL, SPT) and companies such as Carsale & Seek (CAR, SEK) may see upside after the budget announcement. TPW and KGN stocks continue to roar onwards and upwards and my watchlist stocks Xero (XRO) hits all time highs. Comment your 3 favourite stocks and I will do a full analysis on them!

Stocks I talk about in the video:
Sezzle (SZL), Douugh (DOU), Splitit (SPT), Seek (SEK), Pushpay (PPH), Temple & Webster (TPW), Kogan (KGN), Xero (XRO), Car Sales (CAR), Soul Patts (SOL)

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