3 Italian Recipes That Wouldn't Exist Without Christopher Columbus

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Italian food has a very long tradition, but perhaps the most important date in Italian culinary history is October 12, 1492. Why? Because that was the fateful day when Christopher Columbus landed on the shores of the Americas and European culture was exposed to a whole new world (no pun intended) of ingredients.

Who could imagine Italian food without tomatoes? Or how about peppers and potatoes? These are all New World vegetables that changed Italian cuisine forever.

While Christopher Columbus is a highly controversial figure these days, we decided to celebrate the contribution of the Americas to Italian cuisine with three dishes that did not, and could not, exist before his fateful voyage.

Happy Columbus Day and Indigenous People's Day!

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PIPI E PATATI RECIPE: https://www.pastagrammar.com/post/pipi-e-patati-calabrian-peppers-potatoes-authentic-italian-recipe

POLENTA WITH BEEF STEW RECIPE: https://www.pastagrammar.com/post/polenta-with-red-wine-beef-stew-authentic-italian-recipe

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