AM Demodulation - Envelope Detector Explained (with Simulation)

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In this video, the working of the envelope detector, the demodulation technique of the AM signal is explained with simulation results.

Timestamps for the different topics covered in the video:

0:00 Introduction
2:31 Working of the Envelope Detector
6:33 Simulation of the Envelope Detector

Simulation Software - Multisim
Simulation File - https://www.multisim.com/content/84X9NfpuJuqW4gbbuMuy4A/am-envelop-detector-1/

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The Envelope Detector:
The envelope detector is one of the most widely used demodulation technique of the AM signal.
It is a non-coherent demodulation technique, where the locally generated carrier signal is not required at the receiver.

The required conditions for the Envelope Detector circuit:
The envelope detector circuit works properly and recovers the message signal when
1) Carrier signal frequency is much greater than the baseband signal (fc is much greater than fm)
2) Modulation Index of the AM signal is less than 1
3) The RC time constant of the circuit is greater than 1/fc and it is less than 1/fm

In this video, the working of the envelope detector circuit is explained and at the later part of the video, the simulation of the same circuit is carried out for different RC time constants.

This video will be helpful to all the students of science and engineering in understanding the working of the envelope detector circuit for the AM demodulation.


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