The Drydock - Episode 115

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00:00:00 - Intro

00:00:37 - French 37mm automatic AA and barrel wear?

00:05:13 - Gascogne turret layout

00:11:11 - Why no autoloading battleship guns?

00:15:36 - Destroyer development series finale?

00:18:12 - If HMS Ark Royal, HMS Eagle and USS Wasp (CV-6) survived their "fates" what would be their careers in the remainer of the war?

00:24:37 - Handrails on ships?

00:28:14 - LST (R) in the Age of Sail?

00:32:39 - How practical could a squadron of seaplanes tasked with picking up survivors of sinking ships be?

00:38:05 - In WW2, how long could a ship keep on fighting if its engine was knocked out?

00:40:55 - Did the Royal Navy ever resent sending valuable officers and men to the Dominion navies or was it a case of the British sending excess personnel somewhere useful?

00:44:32 - During WWII, how much would British civilians with an interest in naval matters actually have known about what the RN was up to?

00:47:47 - Could the USN have gotten any useful service out of the ships of the line demolished at the Norfolk Naval yard at 1861?

00:51:26 - Nowaki vs Iowa and New Jersey

00:56:16 - What would the requirements be to make a good commerce interdiction carrier?

00:59:56 - What would be various historical captains and admirals reactions to the Yamato and modern super carrier, chose who ever you think would be the most amusing?

01:02:19 - Channel Admin

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