Gun Owners, Prepare for the Election Now

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It's not too late to prepare for the 2020 election and in this video I discuss 3 key topics: Joe Biden vs Donald Trump's chances of winning the election (predictions), what gun control Joe Biden plans to enact if elected, and what gun owners need to do now to prepare for a potential Biden victory. Although Donald Trump was able to prove the polls wrong in 2016, he may not be able to do it again and we need to be ready for all possible outcomes. According to Allen Lichtman, Biden WILL WIN the presidency. I also look at the election forecast from The Economist and betting odds for the presidency in Las Vegas. Joe Biden's "plan to end gun violence" includes severe infringements on gun owners and we need to be aware/prepared for them. Prepping for the 2020 election by buying guns and ammunition is not too late. Although ammo prices are high, there are many other things you can be getting.

1:07 Chance of Joe Biden winning, Defeating Donald Trump
3:56 Joe Biden Gun Control Plan
8:16 What Guns to Buy Before the Election

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